Jointing System Of Pipes And Fittings

Restrained (Tensile Resistant)

GRP Flanges are available to meet drilling standard according to ANSI, DIN, BS etc. Flanges are of two types :

  1. Fixed Flange
  2. Stub end with steel Loose Flange/GRP Loose Flange

Each type of Flange is available with plain end and sealing between flanges are accomplished with an elastomeric gasket.

This permanent joint consists of hardening impregnated glass, mats and tissues which are laminated according to specified width and thickness. The laminated joint provides continuity in both hoop and axial directions.

Non –restrained

The socket end of this joint is an integral filament wound part of the pipe. The spigot end is machined on which O-ring seal is positioned. The flexible joint allows for axial movement of the Spigot in the socket & some permissible angular deflection.

Short pipes are joined using double bell coupling. The sealing of the joint is achieved by the compression of 2 or 4 elastomeric rubber gaskets (Reka Rings) when the joint is assembled.

Bell (Socket) & spigot joint system and Double Bell Coupling joint allow for angular deflection. Following table shows the maximum recommended values to be used for installation design according to BS 5480.

Nominal Size (ND) in mm Angular Defection in Degrees
below 500 mm 3 Degree
500 mm to < 900mm 2 Degree
900 mm to < 1800mm 1 Degree
Above 1800 0.5 Degree