FRP Underground Liquid Storage Tanks For Petroleum Products

We had collaboration with Beluga Composites Corporation for manufacturing of UST (Underground liquid Storage Tanks for petroleum products), related accessories and oil/water separators. Member of the Petroleum Equipment Institute. Through the art factory using cutting edge filament wound FRP technology.

BFRPL-Beluga offers to the major oil companies through out the world, the best and the most comprehensive selection of UST systems to allow them to confidently store their products in total security.

BFRPL-Beluga’s UST are products of the next generation technology (male technology) using continuous fibers to produce a uniform filament-wound FRP UST which is technically and structurally superior as the application of resin and fiberglass are constant over the entire tank.

  • All products are UL or ULC approved, for both materials and construction method.
  • Single and double-wall tanks are of the highest quality, using continuous fibers and leading edge technology.
  • Beluga offers a 30-year warranty against corrosion, cracking and leakage.
  • Beluga tanks don't require any special backfill material.