FRP / GRP Portable Toilet
  • These toilet are manufactured in standard size and also customize as per specificatiopn of customers.
  • Light in Weight compare to RCC strcture
  • It can be placed almmost anywhere
  • It can be available in colorful body, color as per client requirement
  • It comes with lockable door
  • It comes with Ventilation (as per client's requiremen)
  • It can be fitted on trailers / tractor trolley (mobile toilet) which can be easily shifted from one place to another.

BFRPL's Portable Toilet options include Commode Indian / European Style of Ceramic / Stainless Steel, Urinals, Wash Basins, Soap dispensers, Tissue holder, Towel holder, Fresh Water storage tank /Holding Tanks, Watr tab Connection, etc

Almost every construction project has a need for portable toilet service. Also,

  • Single Family Housing
  • Dams
  • Demolitions
  • Airportss
  • Pipeline work sites
  • Remodeling

Recreation areas that typically use portable toilet include:

  • Municipal and federal parks
  • Schools and Universities
  • Beaches
  • Athletic fields
  • Historical Sites
  • Community Halls
  • Highway Rest Areas
  • Increases productivity and decreases labour costs by providing conveniently located toilets at construction sites, which boosts worker moral also.
  • Provides a low cost way to met regulations
  • Protects worker health and environment.
  • Provides low cost sanitation to the public, when installed at public places like Government offices, park, play grounds, etc.
  • Eliminates the need for expensive sewer, water or electrical hookups.
  • Eliminates on going maintenance costs.
  • Limits vandalism as portable toilets allow only one person to enter at a time