STP/WTP/ETP/SWDP Plant Equipments

We are specialized and have experience of manufacturing varied range of products to suit the needs of Sewage Treatment Plant, Effluent Treatment Plant, Reverse Osmosis Plant & Chemical Process Industries, the different Material of construction like FRP/GRP/PVC-FRP/PVDF/PP-FRP/HDPE etc.

  • FRP / PVC Gas Dome / Gas holder for UASB Reactor.
  • FRP Feed Box for WTP / ETP / STP.
  • FRP Effluent Gutter / Launders.
  • FRP Baffle Plates & Scum Collection Box.
  • FRP Wear Plates.
  • FRP Pressure Vessel for RO Plant and Pressure Filtration Plant.
  • FRP Bio Gas Header / Pipe for Anaerobic Digester.
  • FRP / GRP / HDPE / PVC Piping and Fitting.
  • FRP Lining on R.C.C. (Concrete Surface) and M.S. Structure.
  • FRP / GRP Angle and FRP/GRP/HDPE Sheets.
  • FRP Stilling Plate.
  • FRP Triangle Struss.
  • LDPE Sheet Lining.
  • PVC Angles and PVC Sheets.
  • FRP Stelling Plates.

FRP Packed UASB Reactor & STP Based on Aerobic / Anaerobic Technology suitable for Hotels, Resorts, Schools, Army Camps, Apartment & Colony etc.