GRP/FRP/GRE Terafil Water Filtration Tank

GRP / FRP / GRE Terafil Water Filtration system is developed jointly by BFRPL and Institute of Minerals & Materials Institute, Bhubaneshwar and the patent registration has been done for the product.

Quality of product filtered water for the parameter of turbidity, iron, TDS are within the limit of BIS standard. The BFRPL’s GRP / FRP / GRE tanks are seamless, with inner layer of Food Grade resin / Epoxy resin and outer layer with Isopthalic resin / Epoxy resin. BFRPL’s GRP / FRP / GRE Tanks are completely non-toxic and tested and approved for its potability.

As the tanks are provided with smooth surface finish the Environment for stored water become protective towards settlement of microorganism, mosquitoes, ultimately providing hygienic environment for stored water.

Providing safe drinking water in rural areas can be easily made possible by installing BFRPL’s Terafil Filtration tanks in each house. In this, water filtration is a standalone process hence no electricity is required to operate.

Terafil water filtration Process
  • Gravity flow filtration system.
  • The tank consists of two containers (raw water and filter water). The raw water passes through the Terafil filter and in the process, water gets filtered and gets collected into the filter water container.
  • This process does not require mechanical or electrical energy to operate.
  • As compared to other filtration processes this process gives zero wastage of water.
  • Removes Turbidity upto 90%.
  • Removes micro-organism upto 80%.
  • Removes upto 90% of soluble iron.
  • It has no side effect on health.